High-performance sport places extreme demands on an athlete's body. The fascia plays a decisive role here, helping to transmit forces between the muscles and joints of the body as well as acting as a shock absorber and energy accumulator. Both when training and competing, extreme forces are at work, which also put extreme stress on the body's fascia system.

It therefore makes sense to train the fascial network. The flexibility and elasticity of the fascia help to prevent injury in the long term and ensure peak physical performance. The Fascial Releaser XI Pro enables you to achieve amazing results in a short space of time.


Fast Recovery

The Fascial Releaser XI Pro guarantees faster recovery after intense physical activity and on non-training days. Myofascial therapy helps to soften, release and recover muscles that are either stressed or tight after long periods of inactivity and fascia that has become bonded together with adjacent tissues. Further, our experience with top athletes has shown that muscle soreness after intense physical activity can be eased significantly when using the Fascial Releaser XI Pro.

Improved Performance

The most common overuse injuries, both in daily life and when playing sports, do not affect the red muscle flesh, but the collagen fibre network of the body. A well-trained fascial network helps to improve elasticity and suppleness, while promoting blood circulation and relieving adhesions. The muscle is optimally supplied with nutrients, is far more efficient and recovers faster. These factors significantly enhance overall well-being and help to achieve training goals and reduce the risk of injury.

Viewer Injuries

The amount of training being undertaken by a professional athlete has increased significantly in recent years, and with it the risk of injury. An injury can easily set an athlete back two or three weeks.

The Fascial Releaser XI Pro is the perfect piece of equipment for professional athletes who want to involve active recovery as part of their everyday therapy.

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5500 (inc. VAT)

  • Color: Gold metalic
  • Material: Metal, Carbon, Fabric
  • Net Weight: 25kg
  • Dimensions: 98cm x 20cm x 16cm



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  • Developed for top level athletes
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 2 year warranty, also on professional use

The Swiss-made high-tech device is a real "game changer" when it comes to high-performance sports. The Fascial Releaser XI Pro enables you to achieve amazing results in a short space of time.


«I use the Fascial Releaser to aid recovery after training and playing.»
Lukas Görtler, FC St.Gallen 1879 captain

«The Fascial Releaser has become an indispensable part of our everyday therapy.»
Simon Storm, Head of Physiotherapy and Athletics FC St.Gallen 1879


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